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Our Treatments

As Safemed, we provide all of the services you health and beauty in the field. If you don’t like your physical appearance or if you are suspicious about your dental health, immediately you can get information from us and make your appointment.

Dental Aesthetics

We provide treatment services in everything from dental implants to smile design.

Facial Aesthetics

We are here to add beauty to your beauty!

Hair Transplant

The hair we transplant with our high-tech equipment has a retention rate of 98%.

Body Aesthetics

We get you the body you want to have.

Treatment Processes


Quality Communication and Appointment

You can ask questions inside your head and get detailed answers with meet our advisors. Then you will quickly create your appointment and make your itinerary.

Istanbul Journey and Welcome

Our team will plan your Istanbul journey for you. When the time comes, we will meet you at the airport and transport you to your hotel with the transfer companies we have contracted with.

Treatment Process

After staying at the hotel for one day, the treatment process will begin in our clinic. In the meantime, you will be carefully examined and you will find all the answers you need, waiting for the last remaining stage for the result of your dreams.

Controls and Farewell

After the treatment process, necessary controls will be made and you will be sent off so that there is no need for re-control. If you have any complaints or questions after returning home, you can call us.

We offer our patients medical solutions that they will never regret for the rest of their lives. By working with the best hospitals and doctors in Istanbul, we remove all the worries that come to mind and give 100% confidence.