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Safemed is with you in all matters related to your smiles!

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Safemed has the most successful doctors in its field. Safemed, which provides quality services with its experienced team, also serves health tourism with its contracted companies.

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We have the most appropriate and most logical price policy in the industry. We provide services with secure payment, guaranteed treatments, and qualified communication

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With our World Health Organization-approved treatments, we provide you to your look at your dream, at the same time we don’t give up precaution and safety about your health.

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Contracted Institutions

Safemed greatly contributes to health tourism with its contracted institutions. It provides a qualified service in every field from Istanbul’s top quality hotels, doctors, hospitals to transfer companies.

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We provide a natural look with artificial roots made of titanium instead of lost teeth. While implants contribute to dental health, they also make up for the deficiency in your smile.

Hollywood Smile

We remove the flaw in your smile with aesthetic dentistry applications and we obtain a nice smile by whitening your teeth. We remove the flaw in your smile with aesthetic dentistry applications and we obtain a nice smile by whitening your teeth. In this way, your self-confidence will increase and you will be able to step into a self-confident life.

Endodonti / Ortodonti

Every step you take for your dental health brings the beauty of your smile. Endodontics and orthodontic applications solve your dental health problems and enable you to have a healthy and aesthetic smile.

Children’s Dental Treatments

Children’s dental health is the foundation of a healthy dental structure that will last their entire lives. For this reason, we work diligently to keep your children’s teeth healthy and protect their smiles with the most appropriate dental treatments.

Canan Yurdak / Clinical Director

A Natural Looking Beauty is Not a Dream!

We give our patients the beauties they dream of with 100% trust. With our expert staff, we take care of our patients before and after the treatment.



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We offer our patients medical solutions that they will never regret for the rest of their lives. By working with the best hospitals and doctors in Istanbul, we remove all the worries that come to mind and give 100% confidence.